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Yihong Zhou is the Almaden Piano Tutor.

When a piano student can play music by memory they can play with great confidence. The music flows from them. My specialty is showing kids how to memorize music efficiently during lessons and practice time. I love teaching piano and sharing the love for classical music with children. I teach in a musical way and guide student's practice so learning is fun and tuned to the needs of each student. With me efforts manifest as musical accomplishment.

Many students take lessons and don't get much from them. I make sure the student gets the most musical ability out of their piano lesson time. Unless you are a trained musician you have no way to know how effective lessons are. I found this out for myself and again for my son. I found a way to use the music itself to get more out of lessons, to have much more fun and make great musical progress. I have refined my methods with many students.

Over years of working with my son and my students I developed methods of teaching young piano students. My enthusiasm and methods greatly extend the learning the students get from their efforts. I apply these important values into young and new piano students:

  1. Love of classical music
  2. Understanding the music being studied
  3. Efficient use of time for well-learned lessons
  4. Great music study habits which will last a lifetime
  5. To have fun and regularly experience accomplishment

I work with students in my home one-on-one, usually in the afternoons after school. I like to introduce elementary-aged children to piano and work with them until they have become accomplished musicians. While my focus is on children I also take adult students. I ensure my students master piano fundamentals, are confident learning new works and can comfortably play from memory. My method is effective for all ages.