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Piano Study Space and Availability.

My piano studio is a great environment to practice and tutor in. It is in the South Almaden area of San Jose. My studio is quiet. In addition to the sheet music that the child will bring with them I have sheet music that I use to illustrate ideas. I keep paper (blank and for writing music) to aid study. In addition to using the Internet I have illustrative audio recordings. I have a kitchen and can provide snacks etc, if sessions are long and children are in need. I have a place for children to play near the piano (but do not provide toys or other distractions). All of this is to support helping the student bring the most to the piano practice time.

My studio piano is a Boston GP-163 Grand Piano designed by Steinway & Sons and made by Kawai. It has mellow bases, singing trebles and beautiful tenors. The touch is firm enough and the action appropriate for students and accomplished musicians alike. I am careful about how I heat the studio so the humidity stays within acceptable ranges and the piano maintains it's tonal qualities. Yes, mine is the traditional high polish ebony finish and is carefully tuned and kept.

In addition to bringing their child to the studio parents must also bring the sheet music to each lesson for what the child is currently working on with their teacher. I prefer if the parent also provide a recording of the child's current lessons with their music teacher.

During the school year this is my schedule:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 3pm-5:30pm.
  • Tuesday: 6pm-7pm.
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm.

Sessions are always one-on-one. I prefer sessions to be regular with a weekly cadence (allowing for multiple sessions in the week). Sessions must be at least an hour. When children have multi-hour sessions I will mix other activities into the session so the time with the piano is focused. Generally I expect parents to drop children off at my house and to pick them up. Occasionally (and only as a favor, not as part of my services and only at nearby schools) I will arrange to pick up children after school and they can stay with me until 5:00.

Please contact me to find available times and to discuss rates.