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Kid's Piano Recital

To get kids together who like to play or hear classical music we have an occasional recital in my piano studio. This is an informal event and features whomever among my students or other piano students we know. Since space is limited please contact us for reservations.  

Gertie Little Artist Scholarship Fund

The Gertie Little Artist Scholarship Fund is available to introduce new piano players to piano. It is for students between the ages of 5 and 9 to assist them in getting first lessons. Students must have an expresed interest in learning the piano. For up to 6 lessons the scholarship pays for a portion of the lesson and the teacher donates a portion. For those 6 lessons the lessons are free to the student. Students must agree to take all 6 lessons and to practice. The scholarship fund requests a recording of a music sample from the first lesson and from the final lesson.

The Fund has invited me to participate. If new students would like to see if scholarships are available so they can try piano lessens then please contact me. I will apply for a grant with the Fund for the student. I will need to provide the student's name, age, experience and a statement about what makes them interested in playing the piano.

Kid's Piano Summer Camps

We are considering having a few summer camps and are curious to see if there is any interest in the community. Each camp would be for a week and would be during the mornings (perhaps with checkin between 8:00 and 9:00 AM and checkout between noon and 1:00PM). These would be limited to 5 students and would be in my studio. We would have mixed activities including playing piano, listening to music, games and other activities. Please cntact us if you might be interested in having your child join us for a camp.